What is Option profile?

The Option profile is nothing but option pay-off diagram.

What is option profile trading?

Option profile trading is to maintain the pay-off diagram throughout the month. Typically, non-directional (Delta neutral).

What is the capital required for Option profile trading?

Minimum 20Lakh capital required.

Do require any expensive software?

Only Option modelling software required. “Option oracle” is the best and it is free to use.

Can I make monthly income out of Option profile trading?

Yes, Certainly. The advantages of Option profile trading are, it is non-directional regardless of the market movement, the option profile can be adjusted to stay in the market. However, if there is a big gap down / up more than certain percentage, it will incur loss.

Does Trendrooster workshop teaches the Option adjustments?

Yes. We predominantly focus on Option profile Adjustments.

Can the Option Profile system work on all the market conditions?

Yes. The Option profile system is designed in such a way that it suits all the market conditions. Only scenario that will not work is Huge gap DOWN/UP.

Can I trade NIFTY with Option profile systems?

Yes. NIFTY is our primary Monthly Income vehicle.

Can I trade BANIFTY with Option profile systems?

Yes. Only few systems can handle the Banknifty behaviour

Can I trade Stocks with Option profile systems?

Yes. Only liquid stocks shall be traded with Option profile systems.

Does Trendrooster offers any directional systems?

Yes. We have directional - positional Trading systems.

Does Trendrooster offers any intra-day systems?

Yes. However, we are not recommending them to trade regularly.

Do you offer support After workshop or doubt clarification?

Yes. after the workshop, the students will be added to the private telegram channel for discussion.

Can I follow or Check the Groups option profile trades?

Yes. once you joined the Trendrooster’s private group channel, you can follow / read others trades.

What is the Percentage of monthly income expected?

1% ~ 3% of Return of Capital deployed on the position.

Can this Option profile trading work on Forex and commodities?

We have not tested it and it may or may not work.

Is there any Stop loss in place?

Yes. 2% of Capital deployed on the position is the Stop loss

What will happen on big gap Down / UP?

Huge gap DOWN /UP will result in loss. Regular gaps are handled well.

How many Monthly income trades in a month?

There are 2 to 3 monthly income trades placed in a month

Isn’t 2% to 3% profit too less for a month?

For large capital 2% ~3% per month implies 24 to 36% per year, which is an excellent return over long period. Option profile trading will not make you rich overnight.

When to trade the Option profile system?

Typically, we start in the beginning of the month. Some system requires > 30 DTE.

Do we have to sell naked shorts?

Few option profile systems are fully covered and no naked shorts involved. Some of them involves naked selling, however those naked shorts are partially hedged.
Neither we are naked buyers nor naked sellers.

Any short strangle or short straddle involved?

No. we don’t recommend to trade them.

Does Option profile system scalable?

Yes. very much

Why can’t we trade with 10 lakhs capital?

The exchange has increased the options selling margin significantly, hence applying 10 lakhs on monthly income trade will not result meaningful return of your time.


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